Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you guys?

  • Essay Editing International is run by Tim McKenzie (pictured right), a fully qualified academic English teacher.
  • Tim currently teaches academic English at college and university level in Sydney, Australia.
  • Tim has taught English for over 7 years in Spain, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
  • Essay Editing International has several other qualified teachers who help with the editing when required. All are professional academic English teachers and native English speakers from Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
  • Essay Editing International is an Australian registered online editing business (Australian Business number 16 708 194 502). This can be checked on the Australian Government website.

How long will it take to edit my essay or thesis?

Providing your 25% deposit has been received, Essay Editing International will send you back your edited work:

  • within 48 hours for documents under 5,000 words;
  • within 7 days for documents between 5,000 and 10,000 words.

Documents larger than 10,000 words can be discussed by contacting us.

What is the 25% deposit system?

We understand that some people don’t want to make a full payment before they have received their edited document back and are happy with it.

For these people, Essay Editing International offers a 25% deposit system.

After you submit your document, you then make a 25% payment, and the remainder is payable after you receive the edited work and you’re happy.

Is this service safe?

This service is as safe as any other professional business on the internet.

The Essay Editing International website is ‘SiteLocked’ to ensure your information is kept safe.

Essay Editing International is happy to provide a 25% upfront payment system, with the remainder being payable after the editing has been completed and returned to the customer

Payments are 100% safe and done via Paypal or electronic/wire transfer.

Essay Editing International is an Australian registered online editing business and operates under Australian Business number 16708194502. This can be checked on the Australian Government website.

How does it work?

You Submit your essay/thesis/dissertation/other written document.

We reply within 24 hours to confirm we have received your document and give you PayPal payment instructions (depending on the currency you choose). At this point you can either make a 25% deposit, or make the full payment.

You make a completely safe payment via PayPal or electronic/wire transfer. We return 2 word documents within 48 hours of original submission (for documents under 5,000 words) or 7 days (for documents between 5,001 and 10,000 words).

The first word document shows all changes made

The second word document has all corrections done and is ready for you to submit to your university or school. See our Examples page for more information.

What hours are you available to help?

All day, every day. We always have someone checking emails so you will always get a quick reply.

What if I’m not happy with what you’ve done?

At Essay Editing International, we’re more interested in building lasting relationships with our clients, rather than doing one off essay editing jobs. We seek to achieve this by having a Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the editing/proofreading we’ve done, we will keep on editing/proofreading it until you are. If you’re still not happy, we’ll happily refund your money.

Will you write my essay, thesis, or dissertation?

Unfortunately, we can’t write your essay for you. Being teaching professionals, we take plagiarism seriously. We can of course help you make your document perfect once you have the ideas, but we won’t write it all. We will also happily point out any plagiarism issues which your university might have a problem with. Will my university have a problem with me using this service?

This service complies with university rules as Essay Editing International only ensures your ideas and arguments can be clearly understood by using the best possible language. Essay Editing International will not write your essay or thesis for you, just correct any problems which you have to make sure you get the highest possible mark.

Can I talk to Essay Editing International before I send my essay?

Sure. Send us a message with your number, and preferred time (specifying your location). Someone from Essay Editing International will then call you.